Friday, July 20, 2012

6 Month Anniversary!

Tomorrow is mine and Cody's 6 month anniversary!! Super cool! And, since we don't have tons of money laying around to do something huge, I decided to give him a cheap but awesome gift! I took the idea from this and I really think he's going to like it! There's a website that you can print out a cute little passport with pages to go inside it, "stickers" to show where you've been, and there's even a website that you can customize your own plane tickets! So I printed everything out, put it together, and tomorrow, we're going to France! So I'm getting everything ready, printing out pictures of France to put up all over our house, looking up french recipes, and I just found a really cool French music station on Pandora!
This was the explanation note, and my printer is running out of ink

12 personalized plane tickets to different places all over the world!

Our itinerary for the next year!!
I'm really excited about this because it forces us to do something different and romantic every month! Of course it would be cooler if we could ACTUALLY go to these places, but that's not even close to likely! So this is a very worthy alternative! I'm intrigued to see what I can find out about each place we're "going to"!! It's definitely going to be a learning experience, as it would be if we actually went there!


  1. oh my gosh how adorable!!! i totally want to copy that1 thanks for sharing!! i can't wait to see how tomorrow goes for you! :)

  2. What an excellent idea...and what you did with it too!!! I bet Cody was soo happy with it!! It's gonna be a fun year!!

  3. This is so dang cute! I love it! I want to do it now! You are so creative! Have so much fun on your adventure together!