Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yes, we're still alive

And so freaking happy!! We're married!!!! It honestly is the best thing in the world. I don't know why everyone's not married. Being able to say, to your best friend, "Hey, let's go home. I'm tired." and having that "home" be the same place for both of you! Or falling asleep to a movie while cuddling, and not having to get up when the movie's over to go to your separate apartments. Being able to have dinner ready when Cody gets home from a long day of work. Going to our new ward and introducing ourselves as Shaylin and Cody Brunson, who just got married almost 3 weeks ago (:

Anyways, we've been reallllly super busy with school, work for Cody, and trying to get our house organized and all of our crap put away! Hopefully within the next month or so, we'll have it all finished and I can take pictures of our cute little home (:


  1. Yahoooo!!! I've been wondering how y'all were doing. I texted you earlier in the week but I didn't want to bother you anymore cause i know the two love birds are bussss-zaaay! Text me when you get a chance i want to hear all the details of life! I thought the exact same thing...well i still do. Being married is SO much easier than dating. Going home together is awesome because you're just together and nothing else ever compares to that! Being a wifey is fun huh? I LOOOOVED having dinner ready when Josh was home. I still do. I feel like an accomplished wife! haha Did you know i've been married 1 year and 9 months and 8 days? how weeeeeird is that! Remember when we were young and not married? hahaha I loveyou! COngrats! I need to see your wedding pictures some how...

    1. I didn't get your text? But I'll definitely text you soon!! And yes, I LOVE being a cute little wifey (: There's no way you've been married that long!!! Oh my goodness!! And I don't have my wedding pictures yet.. hopefully I'll get them soon. But I'll try to put them on a website that's not Facebook so you can see them too!!

  2. p.s. just noticed that there are hand prints and rings on the sand! hahahahahaha!! I LOOOOOVE it! that is too adorable! and your legs look hot! oww oww!!