Monday, February 13, 2012

I love date weekends!

On Friday, we went to the Timpanogos Temple.. and there is nothing comparable to going to the temple with your husband!! Turns a bad day right around! After that, we went to Red Robin and ate some super delicious foods (part of which I finished for lunch today!)! And no pictures were taken, because I've kinda been going on strike from my 50 pound purse.. and that's where the camera is.

Saturday was our day off from everything! Well, Cody had to go to a lab in the morning, but then we cleaned a little, ate some food, and went on a cute little walk!! It was so nice outside!! And here are some pictures from that!

This is our house!! Nice and fancy (; And a huge yard!!

The view from just down the road

Sometimes Cody struggles..

and struggles..

Ah! There's a good one (:

We saw a whole quail family!! Babies and all!
After our walk, we went to Comedy Sportz! I love that place! So freaking funny!

Sammy's! It was my first time there!

Cody very much enjoying his burger

Cody had food in his mouth..

Kinda looks like I'm half kissing, half.. humming to my food? 'Twas very delicious though!

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