Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last post until I'm a "Mrs."!

Isn't that cool?!? This is most likely going to be the last post that I write for the next couple of weeks, which means that the next one I write, I will be -Mrs. Shaylin Brunson!!!
I'm just a little bit excited.. can you tell? Everything's either done or in the last stage of completion, family is arriving tomorrow night, we're decorating the church on Friday, and then the big day will FINALLY be here!!! Oh yeah, and Cody and I are both full time in school (Plus, Cody's enrolled in another school for his job.. he's busy!) and for some reason, marriage doesn't stop our due dates. So we're trying to work on our homework for this week and next, and we have 2 days to do it. Tonight and tomorrow. Am I stressing out? Heck yeah. Especially since one of our classes is English 2010, and we both SUCK in English classes!! Please pray for us.. We really need it!!

Anyways, peace out (: I'm gonna go get myself married!!

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  1. ohhhh mmmmm geeeeeeee!!! Less than 57 hours now!!! I can't believe it! We are flying in tomorrow!! Wahoo!!!! I can't wait to see your beautiful face!