Friday, February 17, 2012

American Sign Language

Cody and I are taking the second level ASL class at UVU together, and it's every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6:30 to 8 and it's so incredibly fun! The people in our class think we're geniuses because we can read fingerspelling, and learning this language makes both of us so happy! So last night when we returned home from school, we decided to only communicate in ASL! So freaking cool! We had to look up a few new words, and fingerspell a bunch, but totally worth it! And when we had our dinner, I even prayed in ASL! This will hopefully help us develop our skills even more than if we just signed in class, and someday we'll be professionals!!! So if you see us around, not saying any words, but talking with our hands? You'll know why. And you'll probably be jealous (:

Here, learn the alphabet!

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  1. i'm super jealous! i've always wanted to learn sign language. my little siter watched signing time videos when she was little and before she could even speak she could sign things she wanted. so even though she was too little to speak she could sign to us and we could understand her little signs. lol i know how to say like milk, please, thank you, trees, cereal, sorry, little things like that. hahh i'm glad y'all are taking it together though, thats suuuper cute! good job on signing the prayer! haha have a good weekend little love birds!