Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm so lucky!!

Sidenote: This is our first official holiday as a married couple!!!

My husband is thee most caring, loving person I've ever met! Whenever he does anything for me, it always has the most personal reasons behind it. Like Valentines Day this year! He came home from a long day of work with the cutest teddy bear that had a sweatshirt on that said "Good morning babe! I LOVE YOU!" on it, and a white mixing bowl on his head.

This was not the normal "stuffed animal for your lover on valentines day". He got this for me because he has to get up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready for work, and he leaves shortly after. And it's the hardest thing in the world for him to leave me, and for me to let him go. I just want to be with him every second of every day, and saying goodbye is so hard! So he got me the bear to cuddle with when he leaves, so it's kinda like he's still there with me. He got the sweatshirt for the bear because he wears sweatshirts to work everyday, and the mixing bowl was the bear's hard hat, because Cody wears hard hats every day at work. Plus the little inscription of Good Morning Babe! I LOVE YOU! Is because I can't even text him when he's at work, nor can he tell me good morning when I decide to wake up, so this is our way of communication until his lunch break (: So not only do I get a cute, super soft cuddle buddy bear, but it's a mini Cody!!

And the flowers he got me were not only gorgeous, but also had a cute meaning to them! I don't know exactly what kind of flowers they were, but he said that he was looking at all of the flowers in the store, and there were boring roses, that most likely everyone was going to get for their wives. But when he saw these flowers, these thoughts ran through his head:
Haha, we don't have any vases yet..

-These flowers are unique and I haven't seen very many if any at all like these. That's how Shaylin is.. unique, and unlike anyone else.
-They are purple, and Shaylin wears purple a lot, and it's one of her favorite colors right now.
-There are some that are all the way bloomed, but there are some that are still buds, but are going to grow. This represents my love for Shaylin, because I feel like I love her so much, but everyday, my love grows bigger and bigger and will never stop growing.

Um.. If this isn't the cutest thing in the world, I don't know what is. And I LOVE that he didn't get me chocolate!! I really really HATE Valentine's chocolate that comes in those heart shaped boxes.. Bleh! Plus, we have tons of left over candy from our reception (:

I got him the Usher Black cologne.. although he already kinda knew he was getting it. We had 25 dollars of in-store credit at Kohls, so we went there the other day and found this delicious smelling cologne. They didn't have any in the back though, so we didn't buy it. But I surprised him with it on Tuesday! I also got him a head massager/spider looking thing! When we were in Mexico, we saw this at one of the street vendor's shops and Cody fell in love with it! But we didn't get it for some reason, and he was really really sad! It's so cool feeling, and I'm super glad we got it! I also wrote a bunch of sticky notes and put them on his side of the headboard that had cute sayings on them like "Marrying you was the best idea I ever had" and "You are my best friend" .. etc. (:

Then we decided to stay home from our Sign Language class and enjoy a yummy Poppyseed Chicken dinner and start Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother, which by the way, is freaking hilarious! And the first 6 seasons are on the watch instantly section of Netflix! Cuddling with my man and watching a good show = perfect way to end our Valentine's Day together(:


  1. aww y'all are too sweet! I'm glad you had such a great Valentines day! I feel your pain. Josh now wakes up at 4am to go to work at 5am so I now wake up aloe. :( but it's WAAAY better than him working nights and me being home alone. Those flowers are really pretty and the thoughts that ran through his head are so sweet! I'm so glad he treats you so well! :)

  2. So cute! Cody is definitely a keeper! We should all get together soon!