Thursday, April 4, 2013

Want to know what's going on in my head?

I went to the dentist on Monday and got some cavities taken care of. When I went in there, my teeth were fine, no sensitivity, no irritation, nothin. But ever since then, my teeth have been INSANELY sensitive to hot/cold, they hurt constantly, and.. they hurt! I really hope this is natural, because I do NOT like it. And I have to go back in on Monday and get the rest fixed. And then my WHOLE mouth will be in pain.. Just kidding. Well, I hope I am.

I've been REALLY wanting to clean up our yard, but because of all the homework that I have to finish in the next 2 weeks, yard work has been put on the back burner. But speaking of yards, we have some flowers coming up finally, and they're so funny! During the day they'll be super big and full, and by around 5 or so, they'll close back up! I don't know much about flowers or plants, so this might be a normal thing, but I've never seen it before!

Dexter learned how to shake.. and it's freaking adorable. Sometimes (if I have food to give him) he gets so excited that before he shakes, his front two paws do a little shuffle thing. I can't describe it very well, but trust me when I say it's the cutest thing in the world. (Also, he got a hair cut yesterday.. I love when he comes back from getting groomed; he's so soft, extra cuddly, and makes me think he's just a baby again because he's so tiny without all of his hair!)
He even shakes when I don't have food for him!
It's been 3 1/2 years since I've looked for a job. (unless you count when I looked for a job last summer, only to quit 2 weeks after I worked there.) And it feels so weird! I applied for a couple summer camp jobs that would be a blast, and gave my resume to my favorite toy store in Provo. We'll see what happens, I guess! Cross your fingers that I get a super awesome job (:

I'm going crazy in Utah and NEED to get out. Cody and I have planned 2 trips to St. George (yes, I know that's still in Utah, but it's better than Orem, alright?) only to have them canceled by stupid things. One of which was this weekend, and I'm very mad about it. I think we might just have to take off to California for the summer. Or forever. That would be wonderful. (You think I'm joking, but that would be my dream come true. I even looked for apartments and work for Cody and I last month. I want to live there SOOO freaking bad.)

Time is going by so slowly right now. Probably because I know I should be doing homework, I miss Cody, and my teeth hurt. I just want it to be 7:50 so I can go pick Cody up from school.

This blog post took a depressing turn. Um, let's see. My best friend, Carly, got a tiny turtle and named him Patrick, and he's so stinkin cute. I can't stop thinking about him and I want to buy one SOOO bad. I ask Cody for one on a daily basis.

I also found this blog today and she has a parrot, so naturally, I want a parrot. Except I found this website (thank goodness) and realized that I probably shouldn't get a parrot. Parrots are a lot of work. And if I can't even feed myself fresh fruits and veggies, I'm sure as heck not going to feed a parrot any! (If you couldn't tell, I'm trying to say parrot a lot. It's kind of fun. It makes me feel like I'm a pirate, but for no reason related to pirates (because they clearly don't say parrot a lot) except that sometimes they have parrots on their ships. Or shoulders.)

School is stressful. I'm glad I only have two more weeks of it. 

FOOD! Remember when I posted a few days ago about not ever knowing what to make for dinner? Well, I made delicious Roast with potatoes and carrots (recipe from my mom. and FREAKING delicious).
I also made these mini chicken pot pies, and I cut up onions for the first time since we've been married. (I hate them, so they never go in our food) It stunk up the entire house, and just the smell of them in the food made me hate the end result. So I only ate 2 (which I'm proud of myself for getting that many down) and Cody ate 4. He said he liked them, but I thought they were just weird.. And eggy. Not sure if I'll make those again.

We went to The Pizza Factory and got the Chicken Alfredo pizza and their famous bread twists. I was in heaven. Also, we went with Karson and Dallin, and last time they went, Karson found a girl that he thought was super cute, hence the reason they went back. Anyways, the girl didn't end up being there, but he wanted to know when she was working, so they asked me to ask the waitress that was serving us. So I pretended like I knew the girl Karson thought was cute, and I went up to our waitress and said, "Hey, does a girl named ____ work here?" (I can't remember her name now). And she said "Um, yeah, she does." Me: "Cool! Does she work very often? Or do you know when she'll be in next?" Girl: "Yeah, she actually works a lot.. but she's in St. George for the week I think." Me: "Okay, thanks!" Girl: "Yeah, no problem! I'll tell her that.. some.. girl? stopped by?" Me: "Yeah, sounds good!" (not wanting to pretend like I knew her and definitely didn't want to give her my name.) And then we left. 

And when we got up the hill, almost to our house, I realized we left our left overs on the table in the to-go box. So we had to turn around, and I made Cody go back in so I wouldn't accidentally run into our waitress and have her ask me for my name to tell her friend. Thankfully, the food was still there, and we're having that and our roast for dinner tonight. MMM.

I also almost bought a kitchen-aid from walmart, because it was $199.00 instead of around $400 that I've seen everywhere else, but I didn't. I made a smart money choice and bought a $25 hand mixer instead (Because I broke mine by trying to mix bread dough, and the dough got up into the machine.. Whoops).

Holy cow, I just wrote a book. If you made it to the end, go eat some gummy bears. You deserve it.

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  1. You funny girl!! Way to keep up on your blog!
    I love reading what you've been up to!
    Im so glad that your roast turned out so delicious!!
    Dexter is so dang cute with his fuzzy little self...and new handshake!!
    I love you dear!!