Monday, April 8, 2013

The time I bawled my eyes out at the dentist.

Last Monday I went into the Half Price Dental Clinic in Orem/Provo because we don't have insurance. I knew I had some cavities, and I also had a really ugly looking one that I could see that was close to the front of my mouth. Gross. Which is the reason I went in. They ended up fixing a few others, and I had to reschedule to get the rest done. I chose the next Monday (today) and was planning on getting all of my other cavities taken care of so that I'd be good to go. As the dentist started drilling out the ugly one, apparently a piece of the cavity fell down into my nerve, and he said I'd need a root canal.. As soon as he started to say it, my lips started quivering.. That tooth originally should have only been $120, and now it's turned into $425 today, and then another $450 in then next two months. And that's when I started bawling my eyes out, feeling like a complete idiot, but not being able to stop. And it wasn't a pretty cry either, it was the kind where there's a ton of quick breaths, and you look like you're going over a million speed bumps in a row.  I apologized to them, and they gave me a few minutes to compose myself. I'm the kind of cryer that if anyone talks to me or asks me if I'm okay while I'm crying, I'll go into an even deeper cry, and that even happens when I see other people looking at me. So when all the dental assistants were walking by and trying not to look at the girl hysterically crying, I was also trying not to cry even harder. Boy was that tough!

Anyways, he did the procedure, which luckily wasn't too painful or long, but I was still fighting back tears.

Why is it that when you don't have money, big expenses come up?

Oh life, you're so cruel sometimes.

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  1. Lame, lame, lame! :( I HATE lame expenses, especially when they're painful. Sorry Shyn!