Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day!!

Thursday wasn't a good day to have Valentine's day for us, so we opted for Friday! Cody magically got home AT 5!!! I was so blown away! It was awesome! He went to go get my present, while I was finishing this! 
That cute little bear was part of my gift last year! Happy birthday, cute bear!
When he came home, he told me to go out to the car to see my present...

Okay, this might not make sense to you, why he would give me plants. But you guys, I am obsessed with plants!! Ever since our 6 month anniversary/my birthday when we went to Walmart and saw their gorgeous plants, I have wanted to fill my entire house with plants!! A couple of weeks ago, I asked Cody if we could buy the one on the left, and he said no! I was so sad.. I wanted it so badly! I mean, look at it!! It's absolutely gorgeous! So when I walked out to see it in the car, I was just about the happiest girl in the world (: And the other ones are freaking cool!! I just love them all! (And don't worry, we went and got a different pot for the big plant.. It's blue now! Although I might paint it..)

For Cody's other gift, I got the idea from this blog post and thought it was just an absolutely genius idea! Whenever Cody and I want to go out to eat, it takes about 30 minutes for us to decide where to go. So I wrote down a list of about 60 restaurants so we can just pull this little book out to decide for us!!

He loved it (:

My cute plants (:
We're just so cute!!  (;

We went to Red Robin for dinner, and this is the first time in YEARS that I didn't get Clucks and Fries!! This was just as delicious (:

We still had a lot planned after dinner, but we were both so full from the yummy food we got, that we decided to watch Harry Potter. It was about 8:15 at this point. And about 3 minutes in, we were both struggling to stay awake. So we decided to take a little nap and just wake up either before the movie was over, or right when it was over. Except, that didn't happen. We ended up waking up at 3am!! I felt so bad for falling asleep for so long and not finishing our Valentine's plans!! We contemplated getting up and playing games, or a few other things, but we fell right back asleep until 8:30am!! Whoops!! It was really nice to sleep for that long since we've both been getting very minimal sleep, and being very stressed with work and school. It was the perfect day with my perfect man (:

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