Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dumb tests (my hair) and volunteering at the MTC.

So, I've CLEARLY expressed how much I love my classes this semester. But in case you missed it, I LOVE MY CLASSES! Now that we're all caught up, tests suck. Especially when two of your teachers schedule their first test on the same three-day block!! And, one of my tests has like a bajillion things to memorize, and she didn't give us the study guide until the last 5 minutes of class the DAY BEFORE the test started. She's a genius in class, but was not very smart when she made that decision. So, I'm just about going to kill my brain cells (or make them into ultra beafy ones) for the next two days studying all that I can for them, while trying to teach preschool and finish other mandatory assignments. This should be fun.

And, I'm still loving my hair. Seriously, every time I look in the mirror or in a window as I'm walking by, I get all twitterpated (:
Yesterday's hair.

I'm fairly certain my hair looked better in person today than in this picture... But I can' t be positive. And yes, it's the same hairstyle two days in a row. BUT I CAN ACTUALLY CURL MY HAIR NOW!!
And since we're now talking about hair, I put a knot in mine today! (And yesterday, since we've already established it's a two day hair style.)

Oh, you want a closer look? Thought you'd say that.

Mine was kind of crazy today.. but I left it because it was also kind of cool looking.
Okay, now onto my last subject, then I'm going to bed. Well, to sleep. I'm already in bed.

Carly asked me to go volunteer with her at the MTC today, and I've never been before but neither had she and I didn't want to make her go by herself. So, I went. And goodness, it was so cool! We were pretending to be inactive members (except I forgot we were supposed to be inactive and I told them I wasn't a member.. whoops!) and they taught us a half hour lesson. It was so fun to be able to help these cute little missionaries out! This is their first introduction to how it's really going to be out on their mission, so it's just cool to give them some nice experiences. We loved it, and will be going back on a regular (hopefully) basis!

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