Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Bucket List checkoff

I just realized that this check list was for 2011. Whatever. I still did some of it. But I didn't take pictures of all of the things we did.. so that sucks. But here's the things I have done so far!

Apple picking: CHECK! We actually have an apple tree in our back yard, along with an apricot tree (yes, it does look like popcorn's popping when the flowers bloom! I'll take a picture of it next year!) and a plum tree. They tasted pretty good too, except I'm always skeptical about home grown stuff, in case there are nasty bugs in there.. Especially after my friend Kayla grew her own veggies, brought them home, and a huge spider crawled out of one! Yuck!

Make leaf art: CHECK! (With fake leaves..)
I still love it! I need to start thinking of a wreath to make for christmas time!

Go on a hay ride: CHECK! But I don't have a picture of it. It was when we went to get pumpkins, they had us all load on a big trailer filled with hay to take us out to the pumpkin patch!

Have a photoshoot in a leaf pile: CHECK! Not with Cody and I, because by the time he gets home, it's too dark. But Dexter was a good substitute!

Bonfire: No.. I can't stand the smell of bonfire smoke. I still go to them sometimes, but I didn't make much of a priority to do it.

Make carmel apples: Half check! I ate some that Holly made for our Halloween party!! MMM!!!

Go to a pumpkin patch: CHECK!! It was Cody's first time at an actual pumpkin patch! His family always grew their own pumpkins, which is pretty dang cool.. But for me, it isn't Halloween until you go to a pumpkin patch and walk through the fields until you find the perfect pumpkin (:

Go on two dates: CHECK! We go on one a week, at least!
At Iggy's!

We went to the temple, then got Zupas to bring home!
Make fall cookies: CHECK! I made them for my primary class! They turned out great, and one of the girls was just flabbergasted that there was sour cream in them!
The colors were much more vibrant, but my camera didn't want to show the real colors!

Take a nature walk: CHECK!

Trick-or-treat: Nope.. Too old for that. We did have a few trick-or-treaters at our house though! They actually started coming when I was right in the middle of taking my health test. Don't worry, I still got a 95 on the test haha

Bake pies: I didn't bake any pies, because neither of us like pies.. I ate some at bunco last night though! It was a pumpkin cheesecake pie thingy. Not too bad!

Carve pumpkins: CHECK! Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, and the minion from Megamind! We had plans to paint some pumpkins too because we got 3 extra little ones, but ran out of time and then they got nasty moldy a couple days ago.

Drink fancy coffee drinks: Not yet! But I'm excited to go to Starbucks (Maybe we'll go tonight!) and get some hot chocolate since it started snowing today! Or maybe I'll get my Carmel Cream Frap with extra carmel.. mmm (:

Picnic: Not yet.. I'm making sloppy joes tonight, so maybe I'll make us eat them on the floor on a blanket or something! We'll see!

How are you doing on your fall check list?! I think I need to find a Christmas one now! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! 

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. GREAT PICTURES!!! So clear!! Your cookies look yummy!! I love the pictures of you and Cody and your pumpkins!! And that spread of halloween party food looks fun!! And Dex...what a cutie!!

  2. Here's a cute Christmas check list idea. :)