Friday, November 16, 2012

A few thoughts..

-This picture is awesome. And it describes how Dexter was acting for the entire 5 minute drive home, along with the next 10 minutes of us getting everything else ready for dinner and stuff. He wanted the pizza so dang bad! Also, I think I've converted from a Pizza Hut lover to Domino's! It was so yummy!

-Dexter has been such a brat lately. He will not go to sleep!! After a night of probably 2 hours of sleep and then the next night of him not getting to sleep until 3 (meaning he's barking the whole time), we decided to get him a bigger cage to sleep in at night. He still hated it. But when we first got him, we put music on right next to his kennel and it helped a little bit. Well after a while we stopped using the music and he was just fine. But last night we decided to add music, AND IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!! We made a playlist of Joshua Radin, Joshua James and The Civil Wars and he was out within a few minutes! Thank goodness, hallelujah!

-So, I'm done with my Early Childhood degree in April, and there isn't a school in Utah that allows you to get your bachelors degree in EC, so I was just fine with the fact that I'd be done with school! But then my mind of course had to change itself. I've thought about doing Elementary, but that's a two year degree that you can't take any breaks from, and that's kind of intimidating. Plus, I don't even know if I want to teach Elementary.. I sometimes do, but then change my mind. But I was thinking about languages, and I can't get enough of Spanish, French and ASL, so I was thinking about maybe doing a language degree, but realized that you have to pick one language to focus on and have languages be a minor. So I looked into Spanish and French, and the classes seemed like they'd kill me. But when I looked into ASL, it shows that I'm already 76% done with the degree, whereas the other two I was less than half way through. And ASL classes looked really interesting (before I went into Early Childhood, I was thinking about being an interpreter) and fun! So, I haven't made up my mind or anything, but I might not be done with school after all, dang it. I'll keep you all updated though, since I know you care so much, hah.

-For my health class, one of our assignments was to teach a small lesson to a class, and I went down to Santaquin Elementary and taught in Tara Levi's second grade class today! It went really well! I taught them to have a balanced diet, especially with Thanksgiving coming up! The kids were so cute (:

-I just got an email from Southwest Airlines saying that there are some flights 40% off, only if you travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday.. so I was looking and I found round trip flights, for both Cody and I, that came to like $375 total! Heck yeah!! But that would mean we'd have to leave the 19th of December, and come home on Christmas day around 3.. if it was later, I'd totally buy them since we're planning on driving there.. :(

Anyways, thanks for reading all of my rambles! HAPPY FRIDAY!!


  1. love your rambles!

    dexter sounds like a nightmare. barking and waking me up in my sleep....noooo waayy! glad your kinder than i! :)

    yay for cheap flights!

  2. So you are flying in...or still driving!?
    I love your rambles too!! You were always excellent at ASL...but you will be an excellent elementary teacher too!! Way to go dear!!
    DEXTER is hillarious in that picture...licking his lips and eyeing that pizza like it may be his last supper!!! Funny!!
    Can't wait till you are home!!!!