Thursday, November 8, 2012

An update of sorts

So, as we all know, I started making scarves for a profit, but I've been slow to get the whole "business" thing started because I've been quite busy with school. Well, I finished some more scarves and I'm getting my etsy shop set up finally!
And it's telling me that it's time for the grand opening! But I still need to wait for my friend Holly (the girl wearing this scarf) to be free so I can get some more pictures of her wearing the different color scarves, so I can put more than one scarf on my shop(: ! This is what my couch is looking like right now, which is a ton more organized than it was! Trust me!
I hope this actually brings in money, and that I didn't make all of these scarves for nothing. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

As far as walking goes, I'M ROCKING IT! I'm walking at least 2 miles a day, which is on track for my goal of 60 miles between November 1 and December 1! There was one day last week that we walked over 5 miles, which was awesome! We went from our house all the way down to University Avenue (if you know where that is) and back! I go with Cody every night, and honestly, it's the best thing ever! If you want to connect with your husband/spouse/lover, go walk for a few miles a day! It's so nice to be able to be away from technology, homework, chores, etc and we can just have that whole hour or so to talk about whatever we want! I love the time we have to connect and talk!


  1. Aww how fun!! I always want to walk with Josh but we go to the gym and afterwards we are pooped, but I do enjoy walking in the cool weather, i can't believe you walked 5 miles once! Holy cow!! Also those scarves are so pretty!! I love the orange one!

  2. I LOVE the mustard yellow color scarf! I really wish I lived somewhere colder so I could have one of your scarves in every color :)

  3. HOLY SCARVES!! Way to go Shyn!! I'm so proud of you being all domestic and all!! It's so fun, and I'm glad you gave it a shot!! Beautiful colors btw!!! The mustard and orange are my favorite too!!!