Monday, March 5, 2012


Finally, right?! I'm so freaking glad it's finally all set up!! And I'm super excited to have game nights and fun hang out's here cause we have a ton of room!! 

CAUTION: There are a ton of pictures!
Also, we still have to put a lot of stuff on the walls, because decorating a HOUSE is A LOT different than decorating one room of an apartment!
One more also: Please admire our lovely green carpet (: We love it!

Front room 

Front room / doorway to kitchen

Front room / Peek of Family Room
Also, that floral couch is not going to stay there..
We're just waiting until Cody and his brothers have time
to take it back to his parent's storage unit!

Front door/room/ peek of Family Room

Family Room

Family Room

Family Room (still need to hang those pictures up!)

Family Room / Craft area!

Doorway from Front Room to Kitchen


Kitchen (Smaller door goes to the bathroom and the other to the bedroom)



Back door area and laundry stuff

Our fridge is too big to fit in our kitchen
so it's in the back room!

Washer/Dryer and peak into the kitchen

Midget bathroom

Midget bathroom

Midget bathroom


Shoe Shelf / Closets

TONS of closet space!

TV area

Our cute bed (:

My side of the bed

Right next to the front door

Our house! And Cody & his brother cutting wood to board up our house..
We have raccoons in the attic..

More house

Parking area.. there's a gate to get under the "garage" but it's
a hassle, so we just park in front of the gate

Yard to the right side of the cars

Over hang

HUGE front yard!

Pathway to the backyardish area

Behind the house

Our front walk way (: Cute flowers all year round! (Thanks Grandma!)


  1. Your house looks awesome! I love how bright the rug is! :)

  2. SO..,I REALLY admire your green carpet!! It reminds me of when your Dad and I got married and the beautiful green carpet in our trailer...ha ha!! Thanks for taking TONS of pictures!! I was so surprised!! You guys have done a TON, and you have made it your own!! It looks awesome and cozy!! Just lika a first married house should look like!! I love it!!And YOU TWO!!

  3. Your house is SO cutte Shay! I really love it!And for some reason, I think the laundry room is adorable also!(;

  4. I can't believe I didn't see these. I love the green carpet! It suits y'all all too well. hahha! I love all the antique old furniture...does it smell like old people there? I don't know how that happens but every time we go to Josh's grandpa's, i'm like oh yeah. Old people. :/ lol I have that same "Mr & Mr's from this day forward" picture frame! haha Seriously though living in a house that is paid for is awesome! I'm so happy for y'all!