Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dexter cracks me up.

I haven't posted in a while because my days are pretty much the same. Go to work, go to school, do homework, see Cody for a couple hours, and go to sleep. Every day. How boring would that get?

Well, today was funny. I came home from school and played with Dexter for a little bit before I was going to start on homework. Then when I sat down, he found his tennis ball and started chewing on it. It was then that I realized that he's been without a bone for a couple of weeks. So I went into the back room to grab a new one, and I know that everytime we give Dexter a bone after him not having one for a while, he chews them so freaking fast! I've been wanting to take daily pictures of his bone just to show how fast they deteriorate, so I unwrapped it and was trying to take a picture of it for the "before" picture, when all of a sudden I noticed Dexter.. He had gotten so impatient waiting for me to open it, and then it was just in the palm of my hand and I wasn't giving it to him, and just as I was taking this picture, he jumped up, about to burst with excitement, and I got this gem of a photo. And man, it makes me laugh! I love our little ball of energy (:

And now he's ferociously chewing away on his bone, having the time of his life while I have to look forward to reading 5 ridiculously long articles about Holocaust survivor's stories and experiences, and then writing a paper about it. Reading their experiences will be interesting, but writing the paper? Not so much. I'm so ready to be done with boring classes that make me write papers!! Just let me sign all day already, okay?

And, if you're wondering about Project Life, which I'm sure none of you that are reading this even care about that, I have sad news. I haven't done any PL since August!! So much for staying on track! Dang it.. I'll get caught up soon though, I just need some extra time!!

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