Thursday, November 21, 2013

Things I've recently discovered about myself:

Weird picture, I know. This was actually my second hole-in-one while putt-putting on my birthday!
-I have very high anxiety about driving on the freeway when I'm by myself. It doesn't help that our tires suck even in the rain! (Cody says they're still in good shape, they just have a weird tread pattern. We're buying winter ones this weekend.)

-I have neck claustrophobia. I can't have things touching the front of my neck without me freaking out. Tight necked shirts get stretched, scarves come flying off, and sweatshirts get tugged at all day. Which is pretty ironic because I sell scarves...

-I can't see very well at night time. This is not a recent discovery, but I just went all the way out to Bluffdale to pick up Cody from work, and it was raining, I had to go on the freeway, and I was by myself (did you count all of those things that I hate?). Also, I wear glasses to help me see at night, and I realized that my glasses don't allow me to have peripheral vision.. That's pretty scary.

-I forget I'm pregnant on a daily basis.. Until something reminds me. I'm pretty thankful for this uneventful pregnancy so far.

-I'm not good at keeping up with Project Life. I just sent 63 pictures to Costco though! I'll get caught up with the end of July and August with most of these pictures!

-I get tired very easily now-a-days.. So much so that daily naps are almost always required. I'm not complaining though! I'll take them while I can!

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