Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Okay, I really do need to do homework..

But I just needed to share something. So I've been doing Project Life for a while now.. And I have been telling my Mom about it for almost the entire time I've been doing it. She is a huge scrapbooker, and despite her efforts of trying to convert me to a scrapbooker, it just never worked. I did my own thing with altered books (Taking a book, no matter what kind, and using it as your canvas. I probably bought this book for a couple of dollars at DI or something)..
Cover of the book

and I'm sure she was proud of me for expressing at least some sort of artistic ability, but it still wasn't scrapbooking. So I told her about Project Life, she was happy that I was documenting my life, but that's about all the response I got from her. Until two days ago.

She calls me up saying that a friend of hers came over to show her the PL album that she's been doing, and how it's such a cool thing, and that she wants to see my pages (and if you follow my blog regularly, you know that I post them on here when I finish them). So I told her just that, that they were on my blog, and she just needed to look at it. And after about 15 minutes of trying to help her figure out how to do it, SHE EXPLODED! She started saying how proud of me she was, how creative I was, how much effort it must have taken.. blah blah blah. (Also, if you know my mom, she tends to get really excited about these types of things, so when I never got this response in the first place from her, I was a little worried). Turns out she just never saw what I was doing (because she had my blog bookmarked, but it was on a specific post, so she thought I just never updated my blog) and I finally got the excitement that I've been looking forward to ever since I bought it and started this project.

I might sound a little.. conceited? Or something? When I say that I was disappointed when she didn't respond very excitedly, but you have to know that if you're a creative person and are married to a man that works on cars, hot tubs, homes.. things like that, you're hardly ever going to get a very excited response when you create something. And such has it been for the last 8 months haha. I love Cody, but he's just not able to see how amazing my crafty things are.. He related it to how if he showed me an engine he re-built and was talking about how much effort he put into it and how much he free-handed, it would still look like an engine to me. I thought that was a perfect example, so I stopped complaining. But that's why us girls have girl friends and mothers, right? To get the compliments that we know we deserve (:

Anyways, just wanted to say that.. My mom is finally on board with Project Life, and is planning on starting it. She's also trying to convince Kaylee to do it (which I tried too, but apparently nothing sounds very good when I suggest it, but a second party witness usually does the trick.) So Kaylee, START DOING PROJECT LIFE! MOM SAID YOU NEED TO!

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  1. hahahah i love the ending quote! "mom said you need to" hahahah i'm glad your mom is so excited and is finially following your blog! haha sad that cody can't see the pure awesomeness of creating a craft! but yep, that's why you have a blog-for us to get excited!!