Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yes To Carrots™

Yes To Carrots™ is a line of skin care and hair care made with organic fruits and veggies. I recently ran out of my face wash that I've been using for a while (Proactiv) and the only reason I started using it was because of all the "convincing" commercials. Well, it hasn't really done anything positive for me, and I still have breakouts on my face that I'm not happy with. Well, while I was reading Elise's blog, she wrote a couple posts (here and here) on how she's transforming her beauty care to chemical free products, and I think it's a great idea! I mean, your skin is pretty important, and one of the first things that people notice when they see/meet you. So I looked into a few of the products she suggested, like the Avalon Organics products, and the Pangea Organics products, and wasn't really finding a price that I was super happy with. Until I decided to look into the Yes To products. I found them on the Target website, but they didn't have them in the store closest to me, or anywhere from here to Logan. So I thought about buying two products online, a cleanser and a facial lotion, but it was going to be just over $30. Which is a lot cheaper than Proactiv, but I kept looking to see if I could find a better deal. I went to the Yes To Carrots™ website, and I found the best deal of all!
I saw this bundle for Acne problemed skin, and it said it was normally $34.97, which is true if you buy them all separate, but because of this it's only $19.99! Well, being the bargain shopper that I am, I looked online to see if I could find a promo code for this website, and I did! 20% off your entire order (using the code YESTO). It took off $4, and since the shipping was $6, it took my order down to $21.99. Well, I kept looking and ended up finding one for 35% off my order (using the code Y2PUSH4EVR2), but was hesitant to see if it worked, tried it, and it did! It took $7 off my order, making my original purchase of $19.99 plus tax end up being $18.99 after tax and shipping! How's that for a good deal?!? So I bought it right away and am really excited to get it in the mail and start using it! Hopefully I can continue this toxin free way of life as my other facial and hair products run out!


  1. No way that is awesome!!! Let me know how it works!! Congrats on the freakin sweet deals! haha

  2. By the way I saw this line at target yesterday!! I thought of you!

  3. COOL!!! Let me know if it works good. I still just use Dove bar soap, but I wanna try something new!