Monday, August 20, 2012

I am happy!

This weekend was absolutely perfect! Cody and I were needing a get away with just the two of us. The week in Washington (which I still need to write about...) with my family was AMAZING, and so good to get away from work, but alone time wasn't had very often. So we took the present that my Mom and stepdad gave us for our wedding, two nights in a condo in Park City, and put it to use! We made our reservations a few months ago, and had literally been counting down the days until we could go! Then my friend Jori decided to get married, which is an awesome thing, but she was having her reception in Nephi canyon on the 17th, which was the day we made our reservations for to be in Park City. But, since we love Jori and the fact that she's finally married, AND since she got married when we were in Washington, we decided to go to the reception and just go to the condo later that night. And I'm so glad we did! 
We hung out with Carly, Courtney and Emma pretty much the whole night, Jori looked amazing, and everything was just so perfect! We danced our hearts out and they had some dang good looking food there! (Too bad Cody and I ate right before we went down! DUMB!) We didn't end up leaving until around 10, but I was so happy that we went down there for this happy occasion!

Once we got up to Park City, we were able to find the place pretty quickly, thanks to Cody going up there every day for work and knowing the place like the back of his hand! The outside of the condos wasn't very pretty, and I was expecting something a little .. well, not fancy or anything, but was still so grateful to be away from our house, with just Cody. After figuring out the little details and figuring out where our room was, we walked in and were completely shocked! It was beautiful!

The yellow walls in the bedroom really made me want to paint our room!

Crooked TV in the bedroom haha

The tub had jets! Didn't use them though.. :(

Pretty mirror/light fixtures in the bathroom!
I was so excited about being there, and leaving all of my worries back at home, that I couldn't get to sleep because I just wanted to spend all night talking and playing and watching Say Yes to the Dress (he watched a whole episode with me even though I could tell he didn't want to!) with Cody!

Saturday morning came, but not too early, because we slept in until 10! It felt so good! Ate breakfast in bed while watching Phineas and Ferb (hilarious, by the way) and eventually got up to get our day started. We were reading the magazine they had in our room of things to do in Park City, and saw the zip line and alpine slide, and decided to do that! So we headed up to the Park City Mountain Resort, and bought the Triple Play package, with one ride on the Zip Line, the Alpine Slide, and the Coaster, which was $41 each.. Super good price in my opinion! THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN!! So glad we did them all!

Going up the ski lift to do the Zip Line!

The ride guy told us we'd go faster if we went on the same coasterbob (HILARIOUS NAME!) so of course we did! 

We went so fast, I was screaming my brains out! I loved it!

One of the worker guys was telling his buddy "I think there's either a moose or a horse up there.. But I don't know what a moose looks like.." Haha, it was a moose, but he kept hiding his head behind the bushes!

He's sexy.

A couple had gotten married up there just before this, and they were going to go down the Alpine Slide! So cool!
After our fun adventures in the Mountain Resort, we decided to check out the mall, where we ended up buying a few essentials, such as shirts for cody, necklaces that look hot on him, and a cute little sun dress (pictures below) and almost some Nikes for Cody!

We were planning on shopping for a little bit, then heading over to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session, because we'd never been, and then head over to our favorite chinese place, that's ONLY in Salt Lake so we don't get to go very often. Well, we looked down at the time and realized we had to hurry our butts off to get to the temple and that we'd probably not make it. We ended up being completely rushed in the temple and did sealings, which was a funny story in itself.

We were running to the temple, but I wanted to take a picture of the pretty flowers.. This was the best I got! 
When we left the temple, we realized yet again that we had to hurry to get to the restaurant before it closed, so we rushed over there and made it there ten minutes before closing! They were having a huge wedding reception party thing, so it was very noisy, with a TERRIBLE live band playing. Not the ideal dinner date with my hubby, but it was good none the less.

Egg Drop soup.. First time I've ever had it and it was DELICIOUS!

Orange chicken with ham fried rice and an egg roll! And I think a fried shrimp? Didn't try it, but I did take home left-overs so I'll try it.. maybe..
 I can sort of us chopsticks, and Cody couldn't until today.. He was actually doing pretty good, until he realized that this way works better. Just stab the chicken!

He was very proud of how much rice he could pick up with his chopsticks!

Cool chinese! Glad they wrote the total in English!
 Back to the condo we went and slept like dolls! Our checkout time was around 11, so we got up, got ready and decided to go back to the temple to get pictures of the pretty grounds.

Much better than the rushed picture, huh?

Pretty fountain that I've for some reason, never seen before!

Glad there are nice people in this world that are willing to take pictures of us (:

Way to go, self timer! These flowers were stunningly beautiful!

A lady walked by us and said that we were sitting right in front of Pres. Monson's office! So cool!

Love me some hand holding (:

We really wanted to go up in the mountains, so we took a little drive up American Fork canyon! We hiked up a tiny bit, set out a blanket and played some card games!

Such a beautiful day to explore the mountains!
We had such a perfect weekend, and I'm so dang glad that I married this man! He is sexy, caring, HILARIOUS, and absolutely perfect for me in every way imaginable!


  1. Glad you got yourself a sexy husband! hahahah I love weekend get aways like that! It's so fun staying in hotels, or condo's! You should have totaally tried out the tub with the jets! I looooove taking baths especially when there are JETS! hahah Oh and i can't believe your friend is just not getting married, is it to the same guy who like works on a farm or something like that? I remember back when I lived below y'all that they had been dating a while, wow I couldn't imagine waiting THAT long! torture!

    Oh you were in my dream last night. We went a visited you but you lived with your parents and they made you clean up everything even while yo had company over. And you were cleaning a table with a spoon. It was weird. hahahah

  2. Siller!! I LOVE your flower shirt and red necklace...and your hair looks good with the middle part! WOOHOO!