Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home Renovations

So we've been doing a lot of painting and getting new furniture and moving out the floral couch (FINALLY!) that's been awkwardly sitting in our front room for about 5 months now. 
The shelf on the left was the one we were using, until I got my black bookshelf back from Carly the other day, and it fits so perfectly right next to the door! And it's much better looking too!

We've been looking for a coffee table for a while now, and for some reason, every one that we've seen is ridiculously overpriced. Like from $80 to $300 for a simple coffee table! No thanks! Until we found this one from Ikea for only $40! We just had to buy it! So perfect for our little space!

And of course you can't go into Ikea and only get one thing.. we ended up getting a new bed spread! I don't know why we decided on black and white for our first one... we're much more colorful than that! And the two front decorative pillows were really cheap there too! ($9 & $5!)

Nice side view (: The bed spread is really teal, not blue.

So, I had to add this little bit in here. On Friday last week, it was our date night, and we don't have tons of money to go out every date night. So I decided to make it a special night in, and lined a pathway to our front room where dinner was ready with candles, and instead of rose pedals (too girly) I put a bunch of candy in the pathway (: I made sweet and sour chicken, and guys.. it's the best recipe ever! It's one of our favorite meals, BY FAR! Anyways, he loved the whole set up and right before dinner, I suggested that we put out the candles, and he said they'd be fine. Which most of them were. After we ate, he went around and looked at all the candles, and found one that was less than fine. It was right by the front door, and it had gotten so hot that it melted through the blanket that it was on (that was doubled up) and all the way through our carpet!! How's that for home renovations? Improving the looks of everything else, and ruining the carpet all at the same time!! (: Perfect.

After our dinner date, I looked at Cody and asked if we could paint the front door teal. What a random request. But I really wanted to do it, and I thought it would look so much better! So at 10:00pm, we head over to Walmart and get us some paint!

Yay! We love it! We didn't do it right though and it's starting to chip.. so we'll have to re-do it. But it still looks better than it did!

We painted the handle and lock black, and it looks so good!

Then our little mirror in our bathroom was so ugly.. so we painted it black (:
We're actually painting the little shelf that's in our bathroom too, but we're still deciding on the inside color.. which might take a while. I'll post picture when we finish it though!

It's not much, but it definitely looks so much better!

And this built in shelf thingy.. it's been so nice to hold our games and piano music and other random things.. but it's so ugly.

So we painted it black!!! I love it sooo so much!

One of the biggest reasons I thought of doing it at first was because I thought it would help the paintings stand out more, which it totally does! (Plus that starry night painting was done by my little sister when she was in 5th grade!! It's crazy good!)

And check out this super cute banner! My Mom had one in her craft room, and I loved it! So I picked out the fabric and she made one for me! It's perfect for this shelf!

Anyways, I just keep loving our little house more and more (: We're so lucky to have this house at the price we're paying, with it being in the perfect location, and having such a pretty view, and our ward is great too! We're so happy here, and loving every second of life!


  1. Painting the door was not a random request...I told you to do it!! Haha. It looks sooo good though! And everything else you painted! I love the living room shelf!

  2. yay i love everything! i wish we could paint things but we are renting in apartments, eww! i need to post pictures of our apartment to keep up with all your pictures! haha love the colored door, how perfect!!