Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Maze Runner Trilogy

I know I've talked about these books before.. or maybe it was just on Facebook? Anyways, quick recap  just in case I haven't said anything about them:

Carly let me borrow her copy of The Maze Runner, and I was hooked right away! I finished the book in a couple of days, got the second one, and finished that one in another couple of days, (7 days total for the two books) and I wasn't getting any homework done. I procrastinated my Meteorology homework until the last week (DUMB) and did two tests in one week.. Getting less than half right on all three tests of the semester. Somehow I still ended up with an A?! Don't know how that works, but I'll take it! If you go to UVU and you need an easy A for one of your science distributions, take online Intro to Meteorology from Paul Taylor. ANYWAYS, back to my book rant. The first two books were far better than amazing, and I loved every second of it! So when I took a break from reading, I decided to wait a little bit longer to get the third. And for some reason, when I finally got the third and started reading it, I didn't get very far the first couple of times I picked the book up. I just had other things on my mind that I wanted to finish first. Well, I finally got into it, and soon began to hate it. I HATE the new zombie fad that the entire world is going through, and unfortunately, this book has a lot of "zombie ish" stuff going on in it. I would read it before bed to help me fall asleep, and I'd end up having to put a movie on so that I wouldn't have nightmares.

Long story short, I did not like the book, except for one bit; the end. It was the only good part in the book, in my opinion. Although, I'm known to have a very different opinion than most others out there (seeing as I loved the third Hunger Games book and no one else did). So take it for what it's worth. Read it if you want, but in my opinion, you just need to read the last few chapters if you want to skip the zombie apocalypse.

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  1. I hate the Zombie fad too!! It's scary and creepy and i feel like it's wrong to pretend zombies are real. It's gross. Josh loves them and thinks zombie games are fun and the movies are funny ad he wants zombie bullets for his gun and i'm like no way! it's inappropriate! did you read the stories online where a few people have snapped and eaten people's faces off? it's creepy. i'm secretly really really afraid zombies will actually happen. i always convince myself there is on way the Lord would let that happen...right? now make a fun post!