Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh pinterest, you're too good to me!

In Washington last November when I went through the temple

Whilst looking on Pinterest today, I found an idea for date nights! And since Cody and I go on dates every Friday night, and we're both unbelievably indecisive, this was perfect! I found a couple websites with some varying ideas, and I was able to put together a list of over 60 ideas! (which, if we're going on these once a week, that's over a year's worth of date ideas!) Some are a little more expensive and require more than an hours worth of planning, and some are intimate ideas, but most are simple, CHEAP, and fun things that we like to do! Now I just need to find a cute way to put them all together, and I'm set! I love Pinterest.. I really, really do!


  1. We use to go on a date once a week in Utah! I would use my tips and we would go see a dollar movie every week..it was AWESOME! Now we live in the "real world" and not everything is dirt cheap college prices and we hardly ever go on dates. :( It's so sad. i'm so glad you found cheap fun ideas! Oh you look adorable in that outfit!

  2. Keep up that date night weekly!! It's easy to get slack after a few years!! I love pinterest too!!