Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a few updates!

First of all, WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN 17 DAYS!!!!!!! I'm way freaking excited, to say the least. And guess what else that means???!? In 18 days, we'll be on our cruise ship, headed to Mexico for a week!!!!! It's finally coming!!!

A few more progressions that have happened in the past week or so:

-We got our marriage license!!!
-Cody's wedding ring came in!!!!! It looks so manly and handsome on him! He's wearing it around to see if he's allergic to it, cause I guess he has a pretty bad metal allergy! (Also, it looks so dang good on him, I just don't really ever want him to take it off! ;)
-I made Cody's bowtie.. MADE IT! Meaning, we went and picked out fabric, found the pattern, came home and with the verbal guidance from Cody and his Mom (yes, Cody knows how to sew better than I do), I sewed the bowtie ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!! And it looks freaking good! Come to the wedding to see it!! (:
-Cody got contacts!!! (Actually, this was like a month ago, but I never mentioned it!) Hello beautiful eyeballs!
-We have almost all the decorations bought, now just need to finish making/ putting them together!
-Cody's entire outfit is now complete, since we bought him sexy gray pants yesterday!
-I HAVE MY WEDDING JEWELRY!! It's so colorful and lovely(:
-I pick up my hopefully completed, beautiful dress tomorrow!! (PLEASE pray for me that it turned out beautiful!!)
-We're taking bridal pictures on Saturday! Hopefully the weather stays like this!!!
-I quit my job!! Goodbye Pizza Pie Cafe! 2 years and 3 months is wayyy too long to work at a pizza buffet!
-I think I have my wedding hairstyle figured out? I just need a hair flower now!
-We have the centerpieces figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUUUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!
-Also, Cody and I went on a date the other day to Kneaders.. holy delicious!!!! AND WE TOOK PICTURES! Two of them! From my phone! Haha, we'll get better at that.. I promise!


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  1. It's here! I really really here!!!! I can't believe it! Okay I'm very excited for his beautiful eyeballs. Congrats on seeing a BOWTIE! Umm goodbye pizza pie cafe! Holy heavens 2 years is a LONG time to say "it's an all you can eat buffet, no the drink is not included, no you may not have the 10-12 year old price" Hahahahah remember those days when we worked together? How awesome was that! Hahaha oh josh totall wore his wedding ring months before we were even married so you should tell cody to keep it on! We paid a whole 26 bucks for his! Hahah okay this is a long message. See you in 17 days!!!