Sunday, January 8, 2012


One of Cody's really good friends growing up has been married for a couple of years, and when they found out that we're almost married, they got so excited to hang out with another fun couple! So we went over there the other day, had dinner and played Settlers of Catan with them (which, side note, I used to think that game was so boring, but now I LOVE IT!!) and just had a grand ol' time! Well, two days ago, they called us up and asked us if we wanted their king size bed for free, because their grandma is giving them a newer one.. UM, YES!!!!!! So, we moved it into our house today, and I got so excited that we went out and found a whole bed set for $50 at Walmart and our bed is now the first and only thing set up in our house.. Yes, we have our priorities straight (; I'll take pictures of the house once we move all in and get things settled and unpacked and (hopefully) cute!!

P.S. - We took our Bridals/Groomals today! Turned out way cute!!
P.S.S - We bought a super cheap ring from Walmart today to replace mine while it's getting soldered together, and it's actually really cute! I'm excited to wear it on my right hand when I get my ring back!! Way to go, Walmart for having such cute things!!

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  1. hahah it does sound like your priorities are straight! just make sure you don't use it yet! ;) lol so you are getting a wedding band too? that'll look cool with your ring! i really want to see pictures of your house! so do y'all rent it from his parents or do y'all own it or what?