Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blessings just keep on coming!

 I recently moved in with Cody's family up in Highland for convenience as Trina (Cody's Mom) has been helping me plan for the wedding, and so I don't have to drive to Provo every night at midnight. Cody also moved up here because he sold his contract and had nowhere else to go. ((But don't worry. We're not going to do anything dumb. We're chaperoned at all times, and we're not about to mess up now that it's less than a month away)) Anyways, we were all just sitting in the front room, decorating the Christmas tree when all of a sudden, someone knocks on the door very loudly. The whole family except me goes to the door to see who was there (because I don't know anyone in Highland, so of course it wouldn't be for me), and instead of a person, there was a huge present that said "Don't open until Christmas" and then a little envelope on top of it that said "Open Now" and they were both for Cody and I. So I walk over to the door, not knowing what to expect, and just joking around I said.. "It better not be anything special, cause I already have a headache and crying would make it worse!" Well, Cody opened the envelope to find $300 in cash! Yeah, the tears started flowing! How amazing is that?! And who knows that we're both living here? We just moved in at the beginning of this week, and didn't really even tell anyone! And on the big present, there was this little note..

I'm speechless. I don't know why we deserved this, but I am soo grateful for all of the sweet people in this world.

And, to top this day off, Cody's old employer who owes him a ton of money, called him up today and said he had $300 to pay him. So we got a total of $600 in cash to help out with everything.

We are loved, and it feels so wonderful (:

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  1. oh my gosh baby shay! I just cried! haha that is so amazing! I am so happy for y'all!! If you weren't 110% sure y'all were suppose to get married, I think you might be now. haahh You are obviously making the best decision you could ever make and it's apparent in every blessing you keep getting! I can't wait to see the many more blessings the Lord blesses you with!