Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 dates in one night!

Seriously, it was awesome! We're usually way too tired or lazy to actually get out and go do stuff, so we end up doing our registry online, or watching a movie, or taking naps.. Not last night! We decided to go see Harry Potter 7 (Part 2) since it was now in the dollar theater and I still hadn't seen it!! It was so so so good! Such a good way to end this amazing series! Then we went bowling at Miracle Bowl and our first game scores were 100(mine... SUPER GOOD!) and 125(his.. even better than mine!) Then our second game, I only got like 75? Maybe? That might be pushing it.. and he got like 153. Yeah, I'm pretty dang good at bowling. After bowling, we went to Subzero Ice Cream and got smoothies that were DELICIOUS, which then made us want Red Robin. But we didn't want to sit in the restaurant, so we called our order in while we were driving there, picked it right up without having to wait, and then came right back home. While eating, we watched The Office, and then we watched a movie and fell asleep! Such a good, fun day! And I don't really know what I was thinking when I didn't take a single picture.. My bad!! Oh well, next time I will!

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  1. holy moly! thats a ton of stuff in one day! i'm glad it was a blast!