Monday, October 17, 2011


We have seriously been so blessed every single day! Cody was working at Computune as a car mechanic for quite some time, but the jobs that he had to work on were getting sparse and less expensive.. Meaning he wasn't getting paid very much money at all. And since he was getting paid on commission and no one was bringing their cars in, there were days when he averaged a solid $2 an hour.. AH!! How were we supposed to plan a wedding on that salary plus my $8 an hour, 35ish hours a week? Yeah, we were stressed. Well, Cody had 2 interviews on the 6th of October, one that was offering him $12.80/hr for the first two months and then back down to $8/hr after that, and the second offer offered a starting wage of $15/hr, and have the opportunity to get $1/hr raises. So Cody quit his job a Computune, thinking the $15/hr guy was ready for him right away, only to find out that this particular job wasn't going to be ready for another 2 months, and Cody had already told the first offer that he had a better offer!! JOBLESS!! So Cody was stressing from Monday - Wednesday thinking that he'd have to start working at a call center, or even go back to the dreaded Computune.. Then on Thursday morning, he got a call from the first offer saying they really wanted him to start working for them just for a couple of months!! So Cody now works for an excavation company clearing out contaminated soil and operating big huge tractors and trucks and he ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! And he certainly is loving the $12.80 an hour!!

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