Friday, October 28, 2011

To everyone that thought I couldn't cook:

YOU'RE WRONG, SUCKA!!!! Seeing as I have a fiance now, who doesn't eat unless I feed him, I've been learning how to cook! Well, I guess learning isn't the right word.. cause all I do is read/follow the recipe that I have in front of me. But I do it WELL! I've already made pot roast (with the help and direction of Kaylee's sticky notes), tuna casserole, poppyseed chicken, chicken parmesan, chicken with dakota buckaroo marinade sauce on it with mashed taters and green beans, and most recently, chicken ceasar pasta salad(that tastes like we got it from The Olive Garden)!!!!!!

(..And it seems as though I just really like chicken!)

And it wasn't too hard at all! I just cut up some romaine lettuce, one tomato, chicken, got some parmesan cheese and ceaser dressing. Then I cooked the chicken with some butter and salt and pepper, cooked some noodles, and mixed it all together! And viola! 'Twas very yummy (: And Cody likes the food that I make, so that makes two happy people turn into two very FULL happy people! Which is always a good thing (:

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