Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Isn't he just so adorable?! I don't know why he looks so excited though, we were just watching football!

We have been engaged for 2 weeks today!! Although, it feels like it's been forever!! And THAT is awful, because we still have a little less than 4 more months until we get married. BUT! We are actually making plans and are in the right direction toward this whole wedding/reception thing!
  • We called the temple and reserved the room and time, (January 21st, 11:00am)
  • We may have found our reception hall?! We have to go check it out and figure out all of the details, but it's at the Provo Library!! Who would have known, right? And for only $500!!
  • We figured out all of the details for our HONEYMOON!!!!!! If everything plays out how it's supposed to, we're going on a 7 day cruise to Mexico!! So cross your fingers and pray REAL HARD that everything works out for that!
  • We're getting our engagement pictures taken on Friday (His sister Jenae is taking them.. for FREE!)
  • I might already have an idea of what I want my dress to look like? But...
  • I'm going wedding dress shopping today (with Trina((Cody's Mom)) and Kaylee((My Sister))) and on Friday with Carly!((Roommate/Bestfriend))
  • One of Cody's neighbors offered to do the pictures, and possibly even the film, for our wedding, the entire day, FOR FREE!!!!!!
  • Cody's grandma makes wedding cakes, so we'll be getting that FOR FREE!!

Annnd, that's all that we've done so far. But that's pretty good for just doing all of that within the last week! Plus, like I said, we aren't getting married for another 4 months. So we've got time (:

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  1. WOWZERS! That is awesome! So many free things! When things just go amazingly perfect like that, you know your doing something right! at least that what we say. lol SO january 21st is perfect! I have a free flight voucher and i will be there!!!! since it's on the weekend...i want to bring josh! but we'll see. :) if you find your dress you totally have to send me pictures!