Monday, September 19, 2011

Lined Paper.

Wedding planning makes Cody say funny things. Well.. everyday makes Cody say funny things. But we were looking at invitations the other day on and we weren't finding ANYTHING!! We got 40 pages in before I finally gave up on the whole thing and got super frustrated and told Cody that we're not going to be sending out invitations. We're just going to write on lined paper all the information that everyone's going to need and send that with MAYBE a picture of the two of us.. MAYBE! I might just end up drawing two stick figures and call it good.

ANYWAYS, back to what Cody was saying.. Whilst browsing the web of numerous invitations.. Cody said "Yanno.. there are a lot of people in this world who, for some reason, like really ugly things.. I really don't get it"

I was just very happy that I wasn't alone in that thought. We walked away from the computer, got some food, and the next day went back on the computer looking again. And don't worry, I think we may have found something (: No lined paper after all!


  1. Lance & I spent a lot of time taking food breaks during our wedding planning too. :) Eventually we turned the whole thing over to our mothers & spent a lot of time making out. TMI? Maybe...

    ANYWAYS, I am sure that whatever you two decide on is going to be absolutely fabulous and adorable.


  2. hahahahah i love his comment! don't get too worked up about the invitations. but i'm glad you found something! :)