Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Goals before baby

As I sit here at UVU waiting in between (is that one word? Hyphenated? ) I have been contemplating what I want to do in these next few months before baby gets here, and I thought, why not write them down?

So, before May 31st or whenever this little one decides to come, I would like to:

1- Read two "just for fun" books, and two good books about motherhood, pregnancy, or something like that.
2- Sew a triangle quilt like this one.
3- Teach myself how to knit and make a scarf (as if I need more...)
4- Keep up with learning French (with the app, Duolingo).
5- Become current (and stay current) with project life.
6- Complete six crafts that I've been dying to do.
7- Make three (or more) things for baby out that will be helpful with baby.
8- Get in a habit of cooking more regularly (meaning at least 4 or 5 times a week).
9- Find and fall in love with a handful of new recipes.
10- Learn how to make bread!

These are all going to be a little more possible because I've decided to not continue going to school next semester. This took a lot of thinking and figuring what would be best for me right now. Also, I received a promotion at work to be a teacher instead of an assistant teacher! It's a lot more responsibility and stress, so I didn't want to overwhelm myself with everything. And also, I just really want to be able to relax before baby comes!

I'm so looking forward to these next few months!

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