Monday, May 27, 2013

Plans for the kitchen

As you may or may not know, my kitchen and I are not getting along. I can't figure out how to decorate it for the life of me!! I'm loving the green wall though, it's making everything feel a little less plain.

You should also know (if you've read my blog for a while) that I haven't been able to figure out what to put in the kitchen "window", and it's driving me insane.

That may have changed.

I have been thinking about making a black and white striped curtain for the kitchen doorway that leads into the laundry room (because it's hideous and I don't want to see back there) and while I was planning on making that, I had the thought of putting a curtain in the window too.. And it was first in my head as black and white stripe so that I could still add some color around it without it being too colorful itself, but having two black and white striped curtains right next to each other, being different sizes, would be weird.

I saw this pin a while ago

and knew I wanted to do something like that in our home, just not sure where. Except instead of all yellow tops, I'd paint them all different bright colors.

So today, I put that thought and the thought of making a geometric curtain together, and I love it! (To make the curtain, I'm thinking about just getting a white piece of fabric, putting painter's tape in random geo shapes, then painting black fabric paint over the whole thing.) But since I'm in Wyoming, I can't just get going on making anything (I don't have any measurements or any of my supplies). So what did I do? Spend an hour on Paintbrush remaking my kitchen, with what it will possibly look like when it's done.

Oh, I should tell you that I'm putting polka dots in my kitchen. It looks awesome and I love it.
(I wanted to see what it would look like, so I cut out 5 1/2 inch circles from construction paper and taped them on the wall, hence why there's only a few of them up. Eventually I'll get them in vinyl and put them up on all of the white walls in the kitchen)

And since I spent at least an hour creating what it will look similar to, I am definitely showing it to you all.

It won't look this cluttered, because I don't know how to make things to scale, and the polka dots aren't that close together in real life, nor is there even that much white space for there to be that many dots. And because I don't have a full view picture of my kitchen right now for you to compare, the only things I've added are the black and white striped "curtain" on the left, the black and white geometric curtain in the middle, and the jars. Everything else is in there. And there isn't as much wall space above the top middle cabinets, but I still want to add more color somehow, and I'm thinking about making a paper garland similar to this and hanging it horizontally.

Operation "Have A Super Bright And Colorful Kitchen With Black And White Stuff In Some Places" is underway...

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  1. I love polka dots! And that garland is amazing!