Sunday, January 27, 2013

So, remember New Years Eve/ New Years Day?

And how I didn't post a single thing about it? Well, here it goes (:

It was such a relaxing day! We went over to Trina and Brian's for the night so we wouldn't just be sitting home alone doing nothing. We ended up watching Letters to Juliet (and although you may say it's really cheesy, it's still super cute) and eating snacks while some of us did puzzles. (They are a puzzle family, I tell ya!)

It's a lot of junk food, but most of it went untouched.. Too busy watching a movie and doing puzzles!

I was chillin on the couch, putting a puzzle piece in every 10 minutes or so

Brady was sleeping for most of the night

Trina got all the girls in the family new socks for Christmas. None of them are matching, so you just make all sorts of funky pairs!! And they're so thick and comfortable!!
At midnight, Trina and Cody took some pots and pans outside and were making lots of noise. The rest of us were too cold to go out, or sleeping, or .. just didn't want to (:

We went home shortly after midnight, because Cody had to work, but it was still really fun to hang out with the family for the night!!

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  1. CUTE little WELL trimmed puppy I see in this post!!! Looks like a fun relaxing NYE for you guys!!!
    Miss you!!