Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I have a problem..

If you noticed in my post earlier this morning, my fingernails are long. I'll show you again.
Cute polish, huh? Charlotte Russe. Totally my favorite color. 
No, they're not freakishly long, but that right there is long for me! Because, you see.. I'm a nail biter. Gross, yes. Super hard habit to break, yes. But I'm weird. I'll be biting my nails for a few months, until I get sick of it, and then I let them grow out for a few months. But then when one breaks and I'm not around nail clippers or a nail filer, I go back to being a nail biter. And this vicious cycle continues. And it has been going on since.. well, as long as I can remember. 

Like I said before, my nails are long right now. Which means that in my spare time (like, driving, reading textbooks, doing homework, etc) I am not biting my nails. But instead I am continuing another bad habit of mine: Biting my lips / inside of my cheeks. Gross, yes. Do I even know I'm doing it? NO! Do I go through a ton of chapstick because I always end up licking it off on accident without even knowing? Unfortunately, yes.

Okay, here comes the real problem. I have a jaw problem. I clench my teeth all the time, and my jaw aches like crazy all the time because of it. But it's not just at night that my jaw is affected. You know when most people rest their heads on their hands, like this?:
I can't do that. And guess what, when I sleep on my side (which is the only way I can fall asleep), my jaw hurts. When I cuddle with my husband, my jaw is screaming in pain. And when I sing in the car, or in church, or whenever the freak I want, my jaw is this close to jumping off of my face. WHAT THE FLIP?

So, the biggest problem of all.

HOW DO I GET MYSELF TO STOP BITING MY LIPS AND CHEEKS (which I just noticed I was doing, AS I'M WRITING THIS!) when I don't even know it's happening?! How do I get my mouth/jaw to just be still? This is honestly a foreign concept to me. But it needs to stop, so please.. please help me out.

For the sake of my sanity, maintaining healthy nails, and keeping my jaw on my face.

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