Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nevada Mini Book

Three years ago, I bought a mini paper book from Elise Blaha and was so excited to use it and had such high hopes that I'd do something with it soon. And then three years went by, and I realized I needed to either use it or.. well there was no other option. I just needed to use it and move on! When Cody and I went to Nevada in March, I took a bunch of pictures, and it was a pretty big event for us! Our first amazing hotel, our last vacation before Ty came, and it was Cody's birthday weekend.

I didn't need any more excuses, so I printed the pictures and got to work! I finished about 1/4th of the book before Ty was born, but then that took a little toll on my crafting time. But yesterday I decided to just go for it, and I finished the book! I loved working on it, and even though it's super simple with hardly any embellishments, it's perfect for capturing our weekend into a book that we can look at later on and remember the fun that we had!

Here it is on my shelf with my other handmade books! The far left was made by my mother as a wedding present and it's gorgeous! I'm loving making little mini books along side Project Life!

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