Monday, January 6, 2014

23 Before 24

I have 6 months and 25 days until I turn 24, which completely blows my mind. When did I get so old?! I always associate me living in Utah to me being 21. Apparently time stopped when I started dating Cody. But I've also seen a lot of the "23 before 24" (or whatever their age is) stuff on blogs,  and I thought about doing one for myself this year. I already have a lot of goals that I really want to try to achieve either this year, or before baby, and if I'm already going to do those, why not just slap a few more on and have it an odd 23?!

So, here goes my list. We'll see if I make it to 23 goals.

1- Read two "just for fun" books, and two good books about motherhood, pregnancy, or something like that. (I just checked out "The Interestings" from the library, because the girls from A Beautiful Mess are reading it for their book club and I figured why not! So I'm giving that a try.)
2- Sew a triangle quilt like this one.
3- Teach myself how to knit and start making a blanket
4- Buy a cookbook
5- Become current (and stay current) with project life.
6- Complete six crafts that I've been dying to do. (Maxi skirt, soap dispensers, hinged canvas to cover breaker box, make jewelry holder for bracelets and necklaces, floor cushions, and one more..)
7- Make three (or more) things for baby or that will be helpful with baby.
8- Get in a habit of cooking more regularly (meaning at least 4 or 5 times a week).
9- Find and fall in love with a handful of new recipes.
10- Learn how to make bread!

11- Have baby!
12- Learn how to be a better wife, and practice it!
13- Never work after my work hours are over. 8-2 M-TH, and 8-1 on Fridays, and that's IT!
14- Stay up to date with my challenge of reading the whole Book of Mormon this year (maybe even up it to finishing before my birthday.. maybe..)
15- Take a picture of Cody and I (and probably Dexter) at least once a month. With the DSLR.
16- Try a few pregnancy work outs
17- Take Dexter on at least 3 walks a week
18- Not touch my phone or the computer when I'm spending time with Cody.
19- Paint at least 2 or 3 more paintings
20- Decorate my bedroom. We've only lived in this house for 2 years, it's about dang time it gets decorated!
21- Get a massage (I'm really excited about this one!)
22- Get new glasses (and most likely CONTACTS!)
23- Dye my hair darker (again, but better this time) and learn how to freaking style it!

Also, I love that I got home from work today and got to stay home! No more school is going to be such a dream! Now I just need to get going on this list and not just sit around the house doing nothing!

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