Monday, June 17, 2013

Kitchen Update

So I'm actually getting somewhere with my kitchen! I guess I've only finished two of the things I wanted to do, but since I only had 4 things that I wanted to do, I'm halfway done!

I finished the curtain in the window area, and I added the colorful garland! It adds a TON to the kitchen already, and I'm just really excited to finish it!

It kinda looks like the colorful garland doesn't go to the end of the cupboards, but it does. It's just the angle I took the picture from.

Also, how rad is that curtain?! I'm so proud of myself for making it up and having it turn out the way I wanted it to!!

I still need to finish the black polka dots, obviously, but that's not going to happen for a little while. But the other two things are to get a curtain made for the door area and then get some jars or vases and paint them for the window sill area.

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