Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ty at 5 months

Oh Ty, you are absolutely adorable!! How have 5 months gone by already?! You are growing up to be such a funny, happy little boy!! At your 5 month appointment, you weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces and were 26 inches tall!

You are starting to laugh!! It sounds more like a grunt, but sometimes you let out a little giggle!
You love the song, "If You're Happy And You Know It"! Anytime we sing it with you, you get such a big smile on your face! You like the first verse better than the others! If we're in the car and you're upset, we'll sing it to you and you stop crying until we finish the song!
You love tummy time and laying on your back. You don't last very long down there unless we're next to you. You talk more when you're on your back. If I walk away for a minute, you're in there talking to yourself or Dexter, and it's adorable!
You are so very wiggly, and you never want to sit still! Barely even when you're tired, but I don't blame you! There's so much to explore and see!
You went on your first (and second and third) airplane ride!! We went to Washington with you and you finally got to meet my side of the family! You also experienced The Puyallup Fair!
We think you started teething because your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth and you're a little more fussy than usual.. still a very happy baby though!
You LOVE dexter, he can get you to stop crying any time he's near you! Although, he's not the biggest fan of your strong grip on his hair!
EVERYTHING goes in your mouth. If we hold your hands while you're standing, our fingers go in your mouth! Books, toys, hair, clothes, anything you can get in there!!
You love getting diaper changed and will smile and laugh and be super happy on your changing table! The only exception is when you're hungry.. You're never happy when you're hungry.
You stopped taking a binky for almost all occastions, and instead, you started to suck on your pointer and middle finger when you're tired or if you wake up during a nap. You'll just put the two fingers in your mouth and you put yourself back to sleep.
You still love looking at books and being read to! We went to the library for the first time together and picked out a few books. You loved it!
You are still spitting up a TON, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.
You got to meet two brand new friends! Thomas Bogardus and Jace Lythgoe were born this month and you were happy to meet both of them! You really wanted to grab them both!
You love your little elephant/blanket named Ellie!! You stick her nose in your mouth and chew on it everytime you're in your carseat!!

You are seriously such a good baby! You really only cry when you're hungry or if you're super tired, but those can be easily fixed very quickly! You have changed our lives for the better and we absolutely can't wait for our future with you!! We love you, baby Ty!!!

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