Friday, November 4, 2011

I sold my contract!!

This really is happening! I just sold my contract to one of Carly's highschool friends, Courtney! She just got home from her mission two weeks ago and wanted to move in, and I want to move out and save money for wedding things!! How perfect, right? I signed my portion of the deal today and sat there while Courtney filled out her things. Plus, the awesomest(it's not even showing that this word is spelt wrong! Is awesomest really a word?!?!?!) part was that I only had to pay half of this month's rent, seeing as Courtney will be moving in on the 15th of this month!! SWEET! She just needs to pay her moneys toward this, and it will be officially official, but I know that she's going to do that soon, so I have no worries!!

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